Find job in your profession abroad

The man is in our focus.

We select and prepare quality candidates for jobs that match their professional profiles and are lacking in the local job market in another country.

Our team is directing you during the whole process

We enable better and faster integration into the new work and social environment by monitoring legislation.

The model is created so that the professionals in our team provide all detailed information, acquisition of all necessary documents, language courses and other specialized trainings, preparation for departure and arrival to the country of employment.

Achieving your GOAL in just a few steps!

Use the chance to improve your life opportunities through work experience abroad.

With quality preparation and professional support, you can get to the desired job within a few months.

The candidate selects an appropriate job offer from our database and applies through the I’mJob site.

Job offer

By filling out the form on our website, the candidate creates and submits his / hers CV for the desired job.


Our devoted I’mJob team conducts the first, psycho-motivational interview, followed by a professional interview with a professor / expert for the targeted career path. The last round of selection consists of an interview with the future employer, after which all accepted candidates move to the next phase.

Interview and selection

I’m job organizes language course / special training for candidates and supports the process of translating and certifying all the necessary documents for the selected job (diplomas, license, passport, etc.).


After obtaining all the required work and travel permits, I’mJob team welcomes and accompanies the candidates to the final destination (living and working facilities).


Candidate signs the employment contract with the employer. I’m Job team and the employer guarantee the full support during the integration process.


In concordance with today’s global job market which is looking for ever greater mobility and flexibility of workers, we have created a system of support that you can always rely on.

Protection of candidates and clients is an important part of our business, and therefore all the processes in the frame of the model are being conducted in concordance with legal norms, respecting the highest standards of confidentiality and transparency.